Turn Your Garden Shed Into A Stylish Summer House In 2014


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Is your garden shed a place where you are scared to venture thanks to the invasion of the local spider population? You are not alone; this is a problem that many people have to deal with. Arachnophobia is one of the most common and life restricting phobias there is, and it makes everyday garden activities difficult.

If you would like to reclaim your shed and make it into a useable room again, you will find some helpful tips here to help you achieve your goal. You are going to need some help along the way from someone who has no fear of spiders, but very soon you will have a spider free summerhouse of which to be proud. Here’s how you go about it.

Hire A Skip

If you are one of the people whose sheds are full, but the contents haven’t been used for five years, then it is time to hire a skip and ask a friend to fill it with those contents. They are likely to be spider infested, so stay in the house and keep well out of the way. Decluttering is the first step to creating a fantastic summer house. Ask your brave assistant to sweep the shed out and use a vacuum cleaner to clean out any crevices.

Move the shed

Your new summer house will be best positioned facing the afternoon sun since this is the time when it will be used most. Often all that is required is to turn it, but if your shed must be relocated, lay a new concrete base and set to work dismantling it. Help will be needed for this job, but it is often very straightforward.

Windows And Doors

When people buy garden sheds they often come with inadequate doors and windows. Your summer house will look fantastic when you replace them with a large patio door. The shed in the image looks good with a new door and window, but a sliding patio door is far superior. Adapting the opening on the front of the shed to accept the new door frame is a simple job. The new door frame becomes part of the structure since there is very little weight to bear. When the frame is installed, the doors can be assembled. These often come in kit form with all instructions included.

Build A Porch

A place to sit outside the summer house is a great idea, and it is simply constructed by using Joists to raise the shed and support the floorboards. Vertical posts will hold the roof in place that is attached to the shed at one end.

Interior style

Board the walls and ceilings using good quality timber, Insulation should be applied first, though, to help with heating and cooling, depending on the season. Boarding the interior may be expensive depending on the timber used but the superior finish is well worth the expense.

Install good lighting in the shed. This is best achieved by recessing modern LED light fittings into the ceiling. In the evenings, the room will look magnificent when lit, thanks to the patio doors.

Now you are able to use your summer house. It has been reclaimed and out to good use at long last. It is more spider proof than it was, but they can still creep in, so be ever vigilant and use repellent products that are sprayed around the door. Enjoy your new summer house.

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