Teenage Years Are Awkward: It’s Time To Talk About Shaving


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When your kids reach their teenage years, changes will start to happen to their bodies, and they find it embarrassing. Often it is best to observe them but pretend you are oblivious to the issue. The best thing you can do is wait until they come to you for advice. Well, that is usually the case. When it comes to shaving, the rule of noninterference changes. You might notice that your razor is in a different place than where you left it last time you shaved. That is a clue your teenager has started to grow some wispy hairs of their face. The problem is that it is not a full beard, just fine hair, and they expect people to make fun of them.

It is time to sit them down and have a chat. Before you do so, you should prepare the ground. Here is the best way to help your kids start shaving without embarrassment.

Go Shopping

Before you approach them, go shopping for some shaving equipment. It is more than a gift; it symbolises that you take their plight seriously. The kids that start shaving with disposable razors, or yours, are at risk of infection. Buy them a shaver with Gillette Fusion blades; they are less likely to cut themselves with quality products.

The Chat

Bring the subject up casually and give them your gift. I’m sure your son will be over the moon that you pay attention to them and are offering a practical solution to the problem. It doesn’t matter that they only need to shave a small part of their face once a week; it makes them feel grown up.

The Shave

It is time to go to the bathroom and have a shave together so that you can show them the correct way to do it. Hopefully, your bathroom will feature twin basins; a must for every modern home and the saviour of many arguments in the morning.

Even if you skip some of the steps when you shave, you have a duty to teach them all. Here is a reminder of how it goes.

  • Wash your face with warm water and soap. You must do everything you can to combat possible infection.

  • Use facial moisturiser to help the blade to move over their skin smoothly.

  • Use plenty of shaving foam and rub it in well.

  • You don’t need to worry about the grain of their beard yet; let them shave in any direction. The trick is to encourage them to take their time; kids are always in a rush!

  • Rinse the remaining foam off with clean water and dab dry with a towel.

  • Apply aftershave and watch then wince. It’s funny, but don’t let it show.

You have just proved that you are a fantastic parent who can deal with teenage issues without making a fuss. You should give yourself a pat on the back; nobody else will. As with all teenagers, they will thank you with a grunt and retire to their room. You can bet the first thing they do is to check their faces in the mirror. After that, you might notice that they use the razor every day whether they need to or not.

They will look back fondly on the day their dad taught them to shave for the first time when they are old. It was worth the time and effort.

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